If your happy and you know it… don’t bother reading this.

I read an article today called Why You’re Not Really Happy by Tyler Braun.  In Braun’s article he talks about how many unhappy people there are despite being in the prosperous nation of the US.  This got me thinking,  If Americans are not happy despit the present circumstances, how much of happiness depends on circumstance?  Braun wrote,

“The circumstances in your life will never be perfect enough for happiness”.

Everybody’s life is filled with good and bad (sometimes horrible) circumstances that can cause them to be unhappy.

“I believe that happiness can be achieved by a person despit circumstances.”

I say achieved because people still have to live in the moment and experience the circumstance, no matter how bad.  But people can choose to achieve happiness in light of that circumstance.

Right now I am going through one of those bad circumstances.  None the less I am going to choose to be happy and write a blog.  I refuse to let my circumstance define my emotions and behaviors and ultimately how I live my life.

Choosing to be happy despite circumstance is not always easy (if ever).  People want to blame their unhappiness on the circumstance or the people involved.  Happiness can only be defined by the person.  We are truly are on worst enemy.  When I was going through my bad circumstance a friend of mine suggest a wonderful article that was published on PurposeFairy.com called 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy.  This article helped me to deal with the things that I had not given up conecerning my circumstance that keep me unhappy.

I will leave you today with a quote from one of my favorite authors C.S. Lewis,

“Don’t let your happiness, depend on something you may lose.”

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